Its The Fair!

It is! Because it’s August! So it’s The Fair! This makes my brother and me very happy. We loves The Fair.

Gosh. It’s been a while. Mr. is back to work, sporting three lovely scars on his big chest. I say they give him character. And he can scare people with them. He feels good, except for said scars, they give him some sort of strange pulling sensation. I assume because they are still healing. This skin is very tight there.

Now summer is almost over. We can ride again. (Well, I always could, but didn’t because I felt guilty. Good little wifey.) So we are. Here and there. We went camping and we’re going again. Trying to fit a whole summer into what’s left of it. Good thing we’re broke from medicial bills and we can’t go on vacation because I don’t know when we’d find the time.


But, I shan’t complain, as I am thankful for what I’ve got. Or something like that, right?

Work has cracked down in internet usage, which I suppose is completely necessary for some reason. We get 20 minutes a day to look at stuff that isn’t work related. I’m the one that has to control it and present all the reports to my boss. Because of this, I haven’t read the blogs in my list for weeks. I am so behind. But I’ve got a bit of time this weekend, maybe I’ll get caught up.

Members of my husband’s ex-wife’s family are coming over today. This should be great fun. It’s her brothers kids actually, coming to go on Mr’s dad’s boat with us and Mr.’s daughter. You have to watch what you say and do around kids like that. They report back to “the other side” with every little detail. When did life become so damn complicated. Who’s in charge here? They should be fired.

That’s it in a nutshell. I’m still so damn exciting I can hardly control myself.



2 responses to “Its The Fair!

  1. i’m so glad Mr. is up and around again. i hope the rest of your summer goes well. Cram as much into it as you can.

  2. And you’ve been missed. It’s wonderful that it all is getting back to normal for you.

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