Brief Notes:

1. My boss might think I’m an alcoholic. I use Torani syrup in my coffee at work. Torani syrup comes in a large glass bottle, not unlike a wine or whiskey bottle. I assured her it is not intoxicating. I’m not certain she believed me.

2. There is a fake cockroach floating around the office. Most recently it has been hanging out on the coffee maker. It is providing much entertainment. One coworker shrieks each and every time she sees it.

3. I dislike cold weather, that is no secret. One reason I dislike it is because it forces me to stay inside for lunch, in the lunchroom. This puts me in the precarious position of having to verbally communicate with my coworkers. I stayed in today for the first time this season. I did not enjoy my lunch.

4. I didn’t put out any Halloween decorations this year. I considered it a few times. I just never felt like crawling under the steps and digging out my box of bats and jack-o-lanterns. Now, I feel like it is too close to Halloween to decorate. Once I got them out, I’d have to turn around and put them away.

5. I also don’t feel like handing out candy this year. I know, right? Many of our trick-or-treaters are just teenage delinquents who don’t even bother to don a costume and then glare at you while waiting for their Kit-Kat. But I am afraid of vengeance. Perhaps I’ll buy a few bags, dump them in a bowl and set them out with a “Please take one” sign. Our neighbors did that one year when they weren’t going to be home. I could add to the fun and set up a web cam to catch any dishonest trick-or-treaters.

6. I have to do “mom” stuff this weekend. Ick. Mom stuff isn’t always so fun when you’re just the step-mom.


One response to “Brief Notes:

  1. I’m feeling No. 3 BIG time, as I eat at my desk anyway, but now I can’t go for the half hour walk I use to clear my head and stop me from throwing office supplies at other people. Also a big “yes” to four and five. It could be because I’m single or because I’m lazy and cheap, and by “could be,” I mean “it is.”

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