The Players

Sapphire Anastasia: Moi

Mister: My Husband

D-pup: Teh pug

Yahtzee: Mister’s oldest girl

Fritz: Yahtzee’s boyfriend.

Cranky: Mister’s youngest girl

Merv: Cranky’s boyfriend. He bought her a promise ring, ya’ll.

Mom: Well, my mom, of course.

Dad: Yep, you guessed it.

Jed: My little brother.

MaryLou: My Sister-in-law

Enis: Father-in-law

Wanda: Father-in-law’s live-in girlfriend. AKA The Craisin. AKA Skeletor. AKA Gold-Digger.

TEW: Mister’s ex. Acronym for The Evil Wench.


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