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My evening is looking as if it is going to be uncomfortable.

We are selling our old truck. Originally, we were going to give it to Mister’s oldest daughter, Yahtzee, because she is poor and out on her own and scrapped her last car after she wrecked it and we feel sorry for her because we are enablers. However, the truck is not in tip-top running condition, which, duh! because it was made in 1999, but the main problem is that it will only run for about 30 to 40 minutes and then it promptly stalls. No power, no juice, no nothing. Then, once it has cooled down, it will start and run again, until it gets hot again. Repeat. Yahtzee lives farther away then that, so it would take like 4 hours to get it to her instead of the normal 1 1/2 hours, and then she could only drive it locally and would not be able to come home to visit TEW (Mister’s ex, in case you just got here).

We tried to fix it, really, but we don’t want to put any more money into chasing a problem that nobody seems to be able to narrow down, so yeah, for sale.

Our neighbor originally expressed interest, but did not seem to be interested anymore after he heard the price and he never made a counter-offer.

Somehow, TEW’s husband caught wind of the truck’s for sale status. TEW sent me a text the other day, inquiring as to the price. I replied with said information and she continued to text me with questions: is it 4×4 (no), is the body in good condition (for its age), is it good in the snow (if you know how to drive in the snow), and so on. She then proceeded to tell me that her husband was going to stop and look at it after work.

I am going to call her husband Felon. Because, he is. A felon.

So Felon stops by the house when Mister and I are still at work, and apparently looks at the truck and likes what he sees, and leaves a sloppily written note for Mister to please call him, he is interested.

Well, Mister called TEW, I guess he draws the line at calling Felon directly, and he speaks to her and then she asks if Mister would talk to Felon, he has some questions, would that be OK?

Whatever. Sure.

So Mister talks to Felon and he asks all the normal questions. He asked if the price quoted was the bottom line, would we take less. Mister gave him a lower price, but not as low as Felon wanted to go. Felon agreed. Felon expressed shock that when he had tried the doors to look inside the truck they were locked! Why, yes. They were. To keep FELONs and future FELONs out.

Now here is where the story gets weird. OK, well it’s weird, anyway, in my opinion, that my husband’s ex-wife’s husband would want to buy what is in actuality my truck. Because I bought this truck brand-spankin’-new back before I screwed up my youth and married my first husband. I digress.

It’s weird because Yahtzee still needs a car. And we heard through the grapevine (Facebook) that she is sending her step-father money, I suppose so he can pay for a car if he finds one for her. I think the money he is using to buy my truck is the money Yahtzee sent him. And we told Yahtzee that we’d toss her a couple hundred bucks to add to whatever she’s saved to buy herself a car. Which is like, twelve cents. So I think Yahtzee will be getting some of her original money back.

I should have had her write down serial numbers from her bills, just to satisfy my own curiosity.

Regardless, I am uncomfortable selling the truck to Felon, not just because I don’t like him, but just… well… OK, I guess because I don’t like him. And I don’t trust him. And even though it has been made clear that this is an ‘as is’ sale, and we have disclosed the stalling problem, I just have a feeling he’s not going to be satisfied with his purchase and he’ll notify us as such.

And since he has once in the past threatened Mister, this makes me uncomfortable. Not that I’m actually scared he would take down Mister or anything, it’s just that it is the kind of white trash situation I’d just as soon avoid.

I just want him to get here, give us our cash, and get on his merry way.

It is amusing to me that he keeps getting things the Mister is done with. Ha.