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My evening is looking as if it is going to be uncomfortable.

We are selling our old truck. Originally, we were going to give it to Mister’s oldest daughter, Yahtzee, because she is poor and out on her own and scrapped her last car after she wrecked it and we feel sorry for her because we are enablers. However, the truck is not in tip-top running condition, which, duh! because it was made in 1999, but the main problem is that it will only run for about 30 to 40 minutes and then it promptly stalls. No power, no juice, no nothing. Then, once it has cooled down, it will start and run again, until it gets hot again. Repeat. Yahtzee lives farther away then that, so it would take like 4 hours to get it to her instead of the normal 1 1/2 hours, and then she could only drive it locally and would not be able to come home to visit TEW (Mister’s ex, in case you just got here).

We tried to fix it, really, but we don’t want to put any more money into chasing a problem that nobody seems to be able to narrow down, so yeah, for sale.

Our neighbor originally expressed interest, but did not seem to be interested anymore after he heard the price and he never made a counter-offer.

Somehow, TEW’s husband caught wind of the truck’s for sale status. TEW sent me a text the other day, inquiring as to the price. I replied with said information and she continued to text me with questions: is it 4×4 (no), is the body in good condition (for its age), is it good in the snow (if you know how to drive in the snow), and so on. She then proceeded to tell me that her husband was going to stop and look at it after work.

I am going to call her husband Felon. Because, he is. A felon.

So Felon stops by the house when Mister and I are still at work, and apparently looks at the truck and likes what he sees, and leaves a sloppily written note for Mister to please call him, he is interested.

Well, Mister called TEW, I guess he draws the line at calling Felon directly, and he speaks to her and then she asks if Mister would talk to Felon, he has some questions, would that be OK?

Whatever. Sure.

So Mister talks to Felon and he asks all the normal questions. He asked if the price quoted was the bottom line, would we take less. Mister gave him a lower price, but not as low as Felon wanted to go. Felon agreed. Felon expressed shock that when he had tried the doors to look inside the truck they were locked! Why, yes. They were. To keep FELONs and future FELONs out.

Now here is where the story gets weird. OK, well it’s weird, anyway, in my opinion, that my husband’s ex-wife’s husband would want to buy what is in actuality my truck. Because I bought this truck brand-spankin’-new back before I screwed up my youth and married my first husband. I digress.

It’s weird because Yahtzee still needs a car. And we heard through the grapevine (Facebook) that she is sending her step-father money, I suppose so he can pay for a car if he finds one for her. I think the money he is using to buy my truck is the money Yahtzee sent him. And we told Yahtzee that we’d toss her a couple hundred bucks to add to whatever she’s saved to buy herself a car. Which is like, twelve cents. So I think Yahtzee will be getting some of her original money back.

I should have had her write down serial numbers from her bills, just to satisfy my own curiosity.

Regardless, I am uncomfortable selling the truck to Felon, not just because I don’t like him, but just… well… OK, I guess because I don’t like him. And I don’t trust him. And even though it has been made clear that this is an ‘as is’ sale, and we have disclosed the stalling problem, I just have a feeling he’s not going to be satisfied with his purchase and he’ll notify us as such.

And since he has once in the past threatened Mister, this makes me uncomfortable. Not that I’m actually scared he would take down Mister or anything, it’s just that it is the kind of white trash situation I’d just as soon avoid.

I just want him to get here, give us our cash, and get on his merry way.

It is amusing to me that he keeps getting things the Mister is done with. Ha.


Always a lady of class…

… Mister’s retarded ex gleefully exclaims on her mysp@ce (please for no google searches leading her here, hence the @ sign) page, “READY FOR THE WEEKEND! SOMEBODY….GET ME A BEER!!!!”

All caps, and multiple exclamation points. You’d think the woman was 22, not 40.

Admittedly, I check her site often. I’ve found that it can give me a heads up on things, such as when she conducted recent fraudulent activity. It also lets me know when she is angry with “that asshole”, known in my circle as the Mister.

I found her via the child’s mysp@ce account, which I view in order to ensure nothing illicit or sneaky is happening. I knew ahead of time about the nose piercing this way. I even warned the Mister, who insisted she would NEVER.

We all know how that worked out, now don’t we?

I’ve found that I am not the only (step)parent that does this. An associate of mine actually made his daughter provide him her password, so he could also see all of her friends’ private accounts and follow conversations. I have not gone that far. I just made the child my friend. And I asked her first if she minded. She did not.

But I don’t think she knows I visit the retard’s site.

So yes, I snoop their mysp@ce accounts. I find it amusing to see the antics of the ex, publicly out there for all the world to see, and also do like knowing ahead of time, when it affords me such warnings, that the shit it about to hit the fan.

~anastasia is on your mysp@ce checking out your stuff.

Mother of the Year

So the retard called the Mister just a bit ago. Says “The child’s afraid to ask you, so I am. Is it ok if I take her to get her belly-button pierced this weekend?”

Really? Is this idiot for real?

Mister said “no, I told her she isn’t allowed to get anything else pierced until she’s 18. You already took her to get her nose pierced. She wasn’t even supposed to do that.”

Do you want to know what her argument was? That the child should be able to have it dont because I have mine pierced!!!

He said “OK, she was 30 when she had that done. The child is 14.”

So, of course she hung up on him.

He called to tell me and of course I was all revved up and said he should call her back and tell her that based on her current parenting skills (or lack thereof) she has no right to conspire behind his back with the child. He tried her phone and she didn’t answer, so I figure she was on the phone with the child (who was still on her way home from school) telling her what an asshole her dad is.

Then, she finally called him back, and he said that she still tried to use me as the argument. He said “Are you hearing yourself? Your comparing what she does to what the child should be able to do?”

She said, “What’s the difference?”

“Because she’s an adult! And the child is a child. When the child is an adult she can do what she wants.”

Apparantly, super-mom is still a child as well. Or she fell and hit her head. What a moron. She makes me want to scream. We are doing our best to keep the child from turning out like her older sister – the one super-mom let smoke before she was 18, and skip school whenever she wanted, and go to parties and drink -and we have to deal with this?

This is what she is worried about???? Taking her 14 year old child to get another body piercing?


~anastasia is shaking with anger.

The dinner was legit.

It was at a local golf course.

Who knew?

Free Meal?

Teh buffalo is picking up teh child tonight after school to go to a “free meal”. Is this one of those things where the welfare people go? Like a food pantry or something?

She lost her job on Friday. That happens when you call off all the time.

I’m curious to know what this “free meal” business is all about.

Tales from MoronNation

A few weeks before Christmas, the buffalo decided she was picking up the child after work, so teh child could accompany teh buffalo and her Knight-in-Shining-Aluminum-Beer-Can (KSABC) to choose a Christmas tree. Which the buffalo was “ready to decorat”, according to her myspace page. DECORAT. The oldest, ended up coming for the child, because she got called off work and was already out. The oldest hung out with Mister and the child at our house for a little while, drank two pops because she “never gets pop”, and then they decided they’d better get going so they could commence Christmas decorating festivities. They left shortly before I got home, and shortly after I got home, the buffalo called to find out where the girls were – because she was ready to DECORAT, I assume. Mister informed her they just left a little bit ago and should be there soon.

I Mister and I headed out for some Christmas shopping, thinking it was nice to not feel bad for leaving the child at home while we do fun stuff, since she out was having fun with her mom.

PSH. What were we thinking?

The next morning, as Mister was waiting in the truck at the bus stop with the child, she informed him they didn’t get a tree. Why? Because KSABC was in a bad mood. Why was KSABC in a bad mood? Because he was mad at himself for ripping off Worker’s Comp? Because he lost a really good job at the County for said ripping off? Because his oldest daughter is a train wreck high school drop out?

No. While all of the above are true, the anger was because of Verizon.

You see…Verizon recently installed a cell phone tower across the street from their fine homestead. And apparently Verizon offered a very prestigious position to the oldest’s on-again/off-again boyfriend (who is a complete moron, and not well-liked by the Mister). Anyway. The position consisted of calling a phone number daily to report the status of the flashing beacon atop the tower. Flashing or not-flashing. A very complicated and time-consuming procedure. In return for his time and dedication, he would be compensated $1000 monthly. Alas, the boyfriend failed in his duties to inform Verizon of the beacon status, not even incorrectly reporting “It’s on. It’s off. It’s on. It’s off.” Verizon then deemed the boyfriend unqualified for this position, and determined that KSABC should be given the opportunity to start a career at Verizon as Beacon Flasher Reporter. The boyfriend, however, refused to release KSABC’s phone number to the boss, and unbeknownst to KSABC, the job opportunity was lost.

Upon hearing of the loss of this spectacular opportunity and bonus monthly income (we’re goin’ to Disney World, ya’ll!!!), KSABC decided that the only way to right this atrocious wrong was to deny his family a Christmas tree.

That’ll show ‘em who’s boss of MoronNation.

~anastasia: Hey? What’s that flashing red light?

Super-mom strikes again.

I realize that I have neglected to inform the innernets what an idiot the girls’ mother is. Though, the fact that the youngest came to live with us should be some indication of the lack of quality parenting at that woman’s house. Also, I call her house MoronNation. I like how it sounds.

I’m going to dive right in to this, only because I don’t have a lot of time but want to get it out there while it’s fresh. Then later on I can bring the web up to speed on the level of ineptitude we deal with on a regular basis.

Now, on to the show.

The child went to the buffalo’s house this weekend. I like to call her different animal names, based on the size of the animal. Buffalos are big. And hairy. I don’t know how hairy super-mom is, but she is big. So, buffalo.

This weekend, the buffalo seemed to have decided that if she can’t be a good mom, she can be a really cool friend! Like a big moronic sister! And what would make you seem really cool to a 14 year old? A 14 year old whose father said no piercings of any sort except for her ears until she is 18? Why, you take her to a tattoo parlor and let her get her nose pierced! And then they talked about boys and clothes and makeup, I’m sure!


So the Mister was pretty pissed. There were a few tense moments, what with the anger and sweating and trying not to yell. Turns out we’re letting her keep it. It is kind of cute, and she did just get all good grades on her interim (4.0 GPA!). However, he did call the moronic buffalo and tell her that next time she needs to discuss these things with him beforehand, instead of allowing it to be all “Surprise! I’m taking the kid and trying my best to corrupt her! Then I’m bringing her back so you can control the damage!” She didn’t answer, so he just told her that he would appreciate her letting him know next time she’s going to do something that requires parental consent, and that he didn’t let the oldest pierce anything other than her ears, and he told the youngest the same, etc, etc. Super buffalo apologized, via text message, and said she didn’t know he told her no, and that she didn’t mean to over step him. The apology was shocking to say the least, we figured she’d explode. However, she was wrong, and she is an idiot, and really, who takes a 14 year old girl to get her nose pierced?

Whatever. She’s a tool.

~anastasia do not like teh ex.