Things for which I am thankful, in no particular order.

I am thankful…

…for the fence around my yard that keeps my dog in and the neighbors out.

…for the recent weather that lets me pretend I live somewhere that doesn’t get snow after (or sometimes before) Halloween.

…that my boss thinks I’m good enough to keep around.

…for my level-headed husband who keeps me from going over to THAT side of crazy.

…for the cow that died so my husband could have a new valve in his heart.

…for my pug, even though she barks at everything, because at least I’ll know if someone is trying to get in. Or get in the neighbors house. Or drive down the road.

…for the “goodie boxes” my mom always gives me for Christmas. Because I’m always out of something that just happens to be in that box. Like tissue, or toilet paper, or dish soap.

…that my husband is good at painting, otherwise I would live in a very bland, white house, or a house that looks like someone painted while having a seizure.

…for funky socks. They let me feel cool, while not making me that lady in denial who dresses like a teenager.

…that my dad is eligible for health care, since he is a Vietnam Vet, because strokes are horrible.

…that I can be proud of my dad for being a Vietnam Vet.

…that my brother and his wife have a beautiful daughter so I can buy Barbies for someone.

…that my Mamaw and Papaw told me what it was like growing up and getting married as two young poor people in Tennessee.

…that my roof doesn’t leak and I don’t need to stuff my homemade bed with newspapers to keep warm like Papaw did.

…that I don’t have to know how to make my own mattress, either.

…to be able to stop and take a deep breath whenever I want.


One response to “Things for which I am thankful, in no particular order.

  1. The veterans health care is so wonderful, I just wishwishwish they included wives.
    I’m thankful you updated with your busy schedule.

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