In keeping with the running…

For loser mom of the year….

The evil wench borrowed $40 from teh child yesterday for groceries. Can you believe it?

Do you think Mister should say anything to the wench? Let it go? She claims she’s paying her back on Thursday, but my God. Borrowing money from your 14 year old? Where does that rank? Like just a little above abandoning them at birth?


3 responses to “In keeping with the running…

  1. jesus, how embarrassing. I’m thinking rather lame, and how come a 14 year old has 40 bucks to lend.

  2. Hey, she paid her back. Coincidentally, it was her mother’s birthday. So she bought her a tanning package. Ugh.

  3. Oh, and teh child gets an allowance. Most goes into the bank, but she keeps some at home…

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