Frankly, my dear, I just don’t give a damn

I am composing a list of things that seem to be all the rage lately. Things I just don’t care about. All I know is that I am kind of tired of hearing about them on the news or seeing in my Google Reader.

1. This Ashton Kutcher /CNN /Larry King crap. I refuse to follow.
2. BitTorrent. Don’t understand it, don’t use it, don’t know what it is, must not need it.
3. MySpace vs. Facebook. OMG. Facebook almost has as many users and MySpace! What will MySpace do? Oh Noes! One, I use to track teh child. One, I use to be nosy see what old friends are up to. That’s it.
4. How bad Obama is doing. Seriously? Look what he was given. Look what the last guy did. This isn’t his fault. Give him a chance.
5. The Tea Parties of yesterday. What good do they think those did? Other than stating the obvoius?
6. Digg. Yeah, it’s cool, lot’s of information. TMI. I don’t have time to sift through all that.
7. American Idol. Please, Fox8. Shut up.

~anastasia. PMS-ing.


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