Always a lady of class…

… Mister’s retarded ex gleefully exclaims on her mysp@ce (please for no google searches leading her here, hence the @ sign) page, “READY FOR THE WEEKEND! SOMEBODY….GET ME A BEER!!!!”

All caps, and multiple exclamation points. You’d think the woman was 22, not 40.

Admittedly, I check her site often. I’ve found that it can give me a heads up on things, such as when she conducted recent fraudulent activity. It also lets me know when she is angry with “that asshole”, known in my circle as the Mister.

I found her via the child’s mysp@ce account, which I view in order to ensure nothing illicit or sneaky is happening. I knew ahead of time about the nose piercing this way. I even warned the Mister, who insisted she would NEVER.

We all know how that worked out, now don’t we?

I’ve found that I am not the only (step)parent that does this. An associate of mine actually made his daughter provide him her password, so he could also see all of her friends’ private accounts and follow conversations. I have not gone that far. I just made the child my friend. And I asked her first if she minded. She did not.

But I don’t think she knows I visit the retard’s site.

So yes, I snoop their mysp@ce accounts. I find it amusing to see the antics of the ex, publicly out there for all the world to see, and also do like knowing ahead of time, when it affords me such warnings, that the shit it about to hit the fan.

~anastasia is on your mysp@ce checking out your stuff.


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