Mother of the Year

So the retard called the Mister just a bit ago. Says “The child’s afraid to ask you, so I am. Is it ok if I take her to get her belly-button pierced this weekend?”

Really? Is this idiot for real?

Mister said “no, I told her she isn’t allowed to get anything else pierced until she’s 18. You already took her to get her nose pierced. She wasn’t even supposed to do that.”

Do you want to know what her argument was? That the child should be able to have it dont because I have mine pierced!!!

He said “OK, she was 30 when she had that done. The child is 14.”

So, of course she hung up on him.

He called to tell me and of course I was all revved up and said he should call her back and tell her that based on her current parenting skills (or lack thereof) she has no right to conspire behind his back with the child. He tried her phone and she didn’t answer, so I figure she was on the phone with the child (who was still on her way home from school) telling her what an asshole her dad is.

Then, she finally called him back, and he said that she still tried to use me as the argument. He said “Are you hearing yourself? Your comparing what she does to what the child should be able to do?”

She said, “What’s the difference?”

“Because she’s an adult! And the child is a child. When the child is an adult she can do what she wants.”

Apparantly, super-mom is still a child as well. Or she fell and hit her head. What a moron. She makes me want to scream. We are doing our best to keep the child from turning out like her older sister – the one super-mom let smoke before she was 18, and skip school whenever she wanted, and go to parties and drink -and we have to deal with this?

This is what she is worried about???? Taking her 14 year old child to get another body piercing?


~anastasia is shaking with anger.


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