Spring is springing!

I am just so darn excited for Spring to get here. Yesterday we had the bikes out. It felt great to be back out on the road! And today, I went to Ace Hardware to buy a pH soil tester thing, and I ended up with that and 15 packets of seeds. I have to figure out when I should start them. I know it’s way to early to plant up here in the great(?) state of Ohio. But it is so hard to resist!

Of course, I’m pretty much hoping that this listtle pH tester will solve my gardening woes. Last year my garden was a miserable little failure. My Roma tomatoes ended up with blossom end rot, I got a whole two peppers off my pepper plants and one pod of peas. One pod. Seriously. Who plants like 12 pea plants and only ends up with one pod. I guess that would be me.

We did have a bit of a drought last summer, so I am partly blaming that (along with my inability to create a regular watering schedule). Then, I am also blaming the soil. Because, well, Paul the Gardening Guy said so. Not directly to me, but he has mentioned it. So, I will try to monitor the soil this year. And I will also try to water more regularly.

I have four of those little Chia herb pots that I got for Christmas. Yes, I said for Christmas, and do not laugh because I wanted it. Because I figured, it’s Chia! Who could kill something from Chia. Again, that would be me. I have already killed my cilantro. I don’t know how. I kind of think I over-watered, but I’m not completely sure. My basil and chives and sweet marjoram are still hanging in there. And as long as I can keep teh Pug from eating them, we may actually have some basil for making pesto!

My other plan is to have a successful enough garden to make salsa. I will have to attempt cilantro again, because cilantro in salsa is fabulous. Maybe if I try it outdoors I’ll have better luck?

~anastasia does not appear to have a green thumb.


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