Super-mom strikes again.

I realize that I have neglected to inform the innernets what an idiot the girls’ mother is. Though, the fact that the youngest came to live with us should be some indication of the lack of quality parenting at that woman’s house. Also, I call her house MoronNation. I like how it sounds.

I’m going to dive right in to this, only because I don’t have a lot of time but want to get it out there while it’s fresh. Then later on I can bring the web up to speed on the level of ineptitude we deal with on a regular basis.

Now, on to the show.

The child went to the buffalo’s house this weekend. I like to call her different animal names, based on the size of the animal. Buffalos are big. And hairy. I don’t know how hairy super-mom is, but she is big. So, buffalo.

This weekend, the buffalo seemed to have decided that if she can’t be a good mom, she can be a really cool friend! Like a big moronic sister! And what would make you seem really cool to a 14 year old? A 14 year old whose father said no piercings of any sort except for her ears until she is 18? Why, you take her to a tattoo parlor and let her get her nose pierced! And then they talked about boys and clothes and makeup, I’m sure!


So the Mister was pretty pissed. There were a few tense moments, what with the anger and sweating and trying not to yell. Turns out we’re letting her keep it. It is kind of cute, and she did just get all good grades on her interim (4.0 GPA!). However, he did call the moronic buffalo and tell her that next time she needs to discuss these things with him beforehand, instead of allowing it to be all “Surprise! I’m taking the kid and trying my best to corrupt her! Then I’m bringing her back so you can control the damage!” She didn’t answer, so he just told her that he would appreciate her letting him know next time she’s going to do something that requires parental consent, and that he didn’t let the oldest pierce anything other than her ears, and he told the youngest the same, etc, etc. Super buffalo apologized, via text message, and said she didn’t know he told her no, and that she didn’t mean to over step him. The apology was shocking to say the least, we figured she’d explode. However, she was wrong, and she is an idiot, and really, who takes a 14 year old girl to get her nose pierced?

Whatever. She’s a tool.

~anastasia do not like teh ex.


3 responses to “Super-mom strikes again.

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  2. You are back!! Nice to see you 🙂
    I’m on your side and just know this will pass. Stay strong, do your best (sounds like you are) and it will all come around.
    I’ve been there.

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