I just can’t stand it here!

The weather forecast is calling for six to eight inches of snow, starting around eight o/clock tonight.  I’m really starting to not believe all that global warming business.  I see that Playa del Carmen is currently 72 and cloudy.  What I would give to be there.  What kind of jobs are there in Mexico for a girl like me?  I wonder how hard it is to move there?  I was so envious of the guy from Virginia we met down there.  He was running his little beer stand on 5th Avenue.  When he asked us what we wanted, it was quite obvious he wasn’t originally from Mexico.  (That and the blond hair and fair skin kind of gave it away.)  He said he was originally from some small town in Virginia, I forget exactly where.  Now, all he does is sell beer, pop and water on 5th avenue.  I could do that.  I could happily do that.

Where do I sign up?  I could probably make enough money selling all my winter coats and boots and gloves and scarves and hats and other-winter-crap to buy a one way plane ticket.

Seriously.  How great would that be?

~anastasia wants to go south for good!


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