Dontcha wish your roadways were slick like me?

Merry Christmas Eve ya’ll.  How many of you are stuck having to work on this pre-holiday holiday?

Yeah. Me too.

The drive in to work was exciting.  Rain mixed with melting snow and borderline freezing temperatures equals stupid Ohioans who conveniently forget how to drive.  Every year.  OMG!!!1!  Look!  It’s snow and ice on the roadways!  Just like last year!  Hit the brakes!

I think my top speed was somewhere around 32 mph.  Look out.

Well, I just wanted to say I’m back, hopefully for more frequent posting than, say, four times a year?  I’d forgotten what a great release this is for me mentally.  And also, I have stories from MoronNation to tell.  MoronNation is the name I have given Mister’s ex-wife’s household.  Because that is exactly what it is.

Stay tuned.

~you can call me Anastasia.  Hey.  ‘Sup?


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