Hey there. Long time no see. Just a quick update to let anyone who cares know that I am still kicking. It’s starting to be a long winter. I’m ready for spring. But the ground hog says “nay nay!”

My crochet class has been cancelled. One might think this would propel me into self instruction, but, I say “nay nay”. No ambition. Must be taught. I am waiting for a class reschedule.

The Superbowl is still on. I’m not so much interested. I made the mistake of telling Mr. that I didn’t know who the Patriot’s were playing. He is ashamed to admit he married me, I think.

I updated my blog links. That was exciting. Uh. OK. Not really.

How about a pugshot for your viewing pleasure. ( get it? pugshot? see what I did there? heh.)



One response to “Herro?

  1. Yep, your site looks nice, clean, organized. I’m anxiously awaiting a picture of your first crocheted throw. The Pug is nice, but maybe he needs a crocheted jacket!

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