Hello.  Still kicking.  I just have been busy, and quiet, and I don’t know.  Not much to say.

I tried to learn to crochet.  I suck at that.

I got a DVR for the bedroom.  Oh.  Yeah.  That’s what I’ve been doing.

I’ve recently rediscovered ebay.  That’s what else I’ve been doing.

My Christmas tree is up.  Already.  Since last weekend.

Tomorrow, I start shopping. Well, I guess I’ve already started, since I rediscovered ebay!

Pointless post.  I know.

I remember when I used to talk about sex and motorcycles and drunken escapades with all of my friends.

I’m so getting old.

And rediscovering ebay…


One response to “Whee!

  1. It’s ok. Glad to hear life moves on in Ohio. And a DVR in the bedroom? Decadent…in a good way.

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