So, one thing about this medication thing is that my mind is quieter. That means that I have a lot less to say. And when I do say something, it makes more sense. And, I think, that makes me kind of boring.

Well, hell.

I ain’t never been popular anyway. Why start now?

So, instead, I shall generate a list (which may be brief) of things that have happened recently. Maybe more for my own recording purposes (I am SO bad at that whole diary thing. Still. Seriously.) than for the whole two people who read me. (Hi!. thanks for reading me! REALLY!!!!!)

1. My mother-in-law passed away. Sad. Very. It was a long time coming. My father-in-law is very sad. More so than people think. Don’t tell Mr. (oops.)

2. We are going to spread her ashes next week. If the weather holds. (Do we still live in Ohio? Because holy hell, it should be snowing by now.)

3. Ashes do not look like ashes. You can see bone fragments. Creepy.

4. My niece is going to be one (1!) soon. OMG. I have a niece. My brother’s baby. Holy cow, when did we grow up?

5. She smells like lavender.

6. She likes when Mr. holds her.

7. Because she can grab his scary biker goatee.

8. I’m going to go measure it, hold on… 4 1/4″. I rike it.

9. Um…brain fart.

10. I bought a book to teach myself to crochet.  Because I am a dork.  And knitting?  Yeah, that needs TWO needles. Crochet = one needle.  If I need to hold two, how will I drink my beer?

11.  Tomorrow?  I buy pumpkins!

12.  Nothing.  Just couldn’t leave my list at an odd number.


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