Oh hai. I wuz grum pee.

Wew.  The wonders of medicine.  Long story short, I am now medicated and (miracle alert!) the first (ok. second, they wouldn’t give me the first one) prescription?  It actually worked.  No shitting.  I just went for a follow up yesterday, and my doctor was just pleased as pie that she could charge me $80 to hear I ‘m doing SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Seriously ya’ll.  It’s amazing.  Even Mr. (soooo close to revealing his real name.  not yet. worried about work repurcussions.)  has said that I’m not NEARLY as insane as I used to be.  Heh.

But yeah.  I’m feeling better, thanks for asking.  And I really want to try to write more, because it makes me feel better too.  But if I don’t, well, so what.

Ima go surf the innernets now.  Catch up on the blogs in my list.  Oh, and listen to the Indians game with Tom Hamiltion.

Because I am SO not from NY.


2 responses to “Oh hai. I wuz grum pee.

  1. Indians? Indians? Oh. That team from the mid-west. Chicago Indians? Noooo. Nebraska Indians? Nooooo. Maybe Indiana Indians. That has a nice ring.
    I’m glad you’re back. I worried that you started a new blog again and left me in the dust.

  2. Nope. I’m still here. Wouldn’t leave without warning! Just lazy. Ha!

    Getting ready to go to see if we squash the Damn Yankees tonight…

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