Oh, and also…

I’ve been thinking about coming out. You know, no more “j’ and “Mr.” and just kind of show you who I really am. Because seriously, will anyone care? So what if my mom finds me? I’m all grown up now. I pay my taxes.

I dunno. Mr.’s whole almost-dying thing kind of made me think about things differently, and one of those things was to not be afraid of, well, EVERYTHING. Because I am. At least I was. I’m not so sure I am anymore. And I kind of want to be all, “hey, innernets! This is who I am.”

And then I can put up pictures of myself, and ya’ll can judge or say “hey, I didn’t think she looked like that!”, and I can also show you pictures of the Mr. and then you can also be all “Hey, I didn’t think he looked like that!”, and my dog, and you can be all “Hey, yep, that’s a pug!”

So, I don’t know.

Just thinking out loud.

After 3 beers.

We’ll see.


5 responses to “Oh, and also…

  1. Oh man. I would stalk you guys SO HARD!!!!


  2. I SO know you would. 😉

    We aren’t far from PA…

  3. I’m in GA. But I’ll be in PA next week!

  4. I know silly! That’s why I said that!

  5. Oh man I have to pay about $100 a month as well for my meds. Congrats on making it to the doctor though, seriously.

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