You guys.

I wish I could fast forward time. The end of July would be nice. I’ve never tried to wish summer away, but this one? I’m over it.

If his pain would just go away, it would be such a relief. Did you know that when you have open-heart surgery air gets trapped in your chest cavity when they seal you up and you just have to kind of wait for it to go away? I guess it hurts. And thanks to all the Lindsey Lohan’s of the world, prescription pain medication is a hard thing to get from your doctor. Oh, and it also makes it hard to sleep when it hurts and all you are allowed to take is extra strength Tylenol because you shouldn’t need anything stronger ONLY TWO WEEKS AFTER HAVING THE BONES IN YOU CHEST BROKEN AND ORGAN PARTS REPLACED.

That should feel just fine.



2 responses to “You guys.

  1. SERIOUSLY? WTF is wrong with his doctor?! I just had a very MINOR out patient surgery and the surgeon offered me Percocet. As he said, “I’m cutting you open and it’s possible you’ll experience some pain or discomfort afterward.”

    So yeah, cracking open someone’s chest should qualify a man for some freakin’ pain killers. I’m so sorry, that’s really really horrible. I hope it eases for him ASAP.

  2. OK, I didn’t explain that well. He had Percoset, used it as prescribed. Ran out, they gave him Vicodin, which he also used as prescribed. Now he doesn’t get anymore. WTF, though, seriously. The man can’t sleep at night.

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