You’ll never come back from copperhead road

Last night I had a dream that I had been bitten by a copperhead snake. And so had my dog. My dog in the dream, not my real dog, who is a little poog. My dream dog was a Rottweiler like Z-dog, but it wasn’t Z-dog. I know this, because, in the dream I kept saying “this is NOT Z-dog”, as if someone were trying to pull a fast one on me and HELLO! Z-dog is DEAD and could not be bitten by a snake. Duh.

As are most of my dreams, this one was very vivid, and I felt very frightened and frustrated because nobody would listen to me. I do not know why this is so recurring, but it is, and I always wake up feeling tired and frustrated when I have these dreams. I also don’t remember all of the dream. At least I wasn’t pregnant in this dream. Those really bother me.

What I do remember is Mr, myself and Not-Z-dog (if you say that out loud it sounds like you could be saying “Nazi-dog”, but I want to clarify that I am not, even though ze Rottweiler is of ze German descent. I do not like Nazi’s. Hitler sucked. Anyway…) were in the Dominican Republic. How I got fake Z-dog there, I can’t say, but we were there. There were also some of my friends there, and my brother. We were walking around a farm, and we went into a barn. There was hay strewn all over the floor. As we were walking through, I heard a SSSSSSSSSSS noise. I froze. Snake. Not-Z-dog heard it too, but she did not freeze. She went to investigate. Snuffling around in the hay, she found the snake. It reared its head, much like I would picture a cobra, not a copperhead, to do. Plus, do copperheads even live in the Dominican? Do they even have snakes? But it reared its head, and suddenly the head and part of his neck (is it all neck?) turned this pale green color. Then it struck. It bit Not-Z-dog on the snout, and she yelped and ran to Mr. The snake turned to me. It was bigger than before. It struck and I blocked with my hand. It connected between my thumb and forefinger. It hurt. Burning and throbbing and I could see the holes from the fangs. I was looking at the wound and thinking to myself, “the fangs looked bigger than this, they looked farther apart then these holes in my hand”. The snake turned and slithered away.

Not-Z-dog was sitting by Mr., who administered some sort of anti-venom that he just happened to have. She was whimpering, but appeared to be OK. Suddenly I felt panic set in. The snake bit me. The green copperhead. It bit me. On my hand. With fangs. That have poison in them. I don’t think I can breathe. It kind of hurts. It really hurts. I am getting dizzy. If I panic, my blood flow will increase. That will spread the poison in my blood even faster. I AM GOING TO DIE.

My brother yelled at me that the snake that bit me didn’t have fangs. I said it did. Mr. said no. I told them the same snake that bit Not-Z-dog bit me and they gave her anti-venom and I need some too. They said no, you just need to take these pills.

“No! No! The same snake bit me. I’m going to die if you don’t give me the anti-venom! These pills with not help! Please! I can’t breathe very well! Please!”

Here it gets kind of blurry, as if I really was passing out in my dream, and even though, in my dreams, I watch myself from above, I still feel everything that is happening to me. My brother was arguing for me to just take the pill. I took a pill, it was blue, and I remember thinking, “they don’t care if I die. This pill won’t help. They want me to die.”

Not-Z-dog stood up and walked to me and was licked my face. She didn’t want me to die. I could see it in her sad, brown eyes.  She loved me.  I could feel it.

Mr. came over and said “See what you get? I warned you. I told you. You should have listened to me. See what you did now?”

I was confused. He warned me about what? What had I done wrong, so wrong, that they wanted me to die. I couldn’t remember. I started to cry.

Mr. and my brother turned and left the barn. They left me lying in the barn, in the hay. They didn’t say a word as they left. They never looked back. Not-Z-dog was still looking at me and whimpered again, and turned to follow them. She stopped, and looked back at me. I told her it was OK to go, because I couldn’t save her anyway, that I was no good. She followed them.

I don’t know if I died or not. I thought I was dying. Everybody left me and it was getting hard to see, and I just wanted them to come back. Nobody came back. I cried and it got harder to see, everything was going dark. I tried to squint to see – I have to do that in so many of my dreams – but it didn’t help. Soon it was all black. I couldn’t hear anymore either. Everything was just black and silent.

Then I woke up.


One response to “You’ll never come back from copperhead road

  1. Oh. Phew. That was very hard. That was scary. God!

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