Our favorite bar has closed its doors forever. I feel like I have graduated from high school all over again, and soon will lose touch with all of my friends. Of course, we are older and more mature now, so we will be responsible and keep in touch, instead of just assuming we will run into each other at our very own local version of Cheers. We even had a mailman.

We had a lot to drink on Saturday night, so as not to be saddened by the reason we were all there at the same time for the same reason.

This is it folks. It’s over, Johnny. See you on the flip side.

We don’t have a starting place for riding, now. It used to be all “Hey, j. Wanna go riding Saturday? Meet here at noon.” No more.

We don’t have somewhere to go on Sunday after the kids leave and holy hell we need a drink and some adult socializing. Nupe.

We don’t have a place to go to unwind after a shitty day at work. (And let me tell you, I’ve had my share of those in the last few weeks. You missed my breakdown. I was actually escorted OUT of my office. Good times.)

No longer will I get a phone call or a text instructing me to meet for a drink.

No longer will I stop in (just for one!) and run into at least 10 people that I know and end up staying a little too long. (Hello? Mr. Taxi Cab driver? Um, yeah…)

Yesterday, my friend called to see what we were doing. He was going riding. Where to? He wasn’t sure.

Ohio State plays tonight. We are we all going to watch the game? We don’t know.

This weekend we doing have anything to do. Where are we going to go? Beats me.

We’ll have to figure something out. I met way too many good people there to just lose all of them.



3 responses to “:(

  1. Awww, that’s a bummer and a half. i’m sorry your place is closed. Here’s hoping you all find a new spot to congregate.

  2. That’s terrible news. How can the worlds’ problems get solved without a local hangout?
    Our little town has two: Froggy’s and Bananas. Bananas has two happy hours per day, the first one from 10-12am.
    Here’s hoping another place is located soon for your “meetings.”

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