I get to it when I get to it, mmm-kay?

I have absolutely no follow-through. I can think of so many things I would like to try, but I never do, mainly because I know I will never finish what I start, or I will end up with a bunch of stuff that will have me saying “well, NOW what do I do with all this?” Below, is a list (I make lists!) of things I have tried in not exactly random order. Things I thought were fabulous ideas! I need a hobby! This will be the one! I need a project! This sounds great! Woo! And then, nothing. I just stopped doing it. Didn’t finish the book. Didn’t understand. Heck, maybe I just bought whatever it was I thought would be so great, and then never did anything with it. Oh, it’s bad.

1. Self-Hypnosis
2. Tarot
2. Wicca
3. Runes
4. Feng Shui

(There is a slight pattern here, yes. I was very much into not being into organized religion because I just don’t get it, and also I have always been a “hey, look at me and what I am doing!” kind of person, and these were all things that the people around me found threatening, or worrisome, or at least different enough that they would take notice. “Where are you going, j?” “Oh, just off to hypnotize myself.” These activities, in addition to my completely black attire at the time, made a few suspect me of being some sort of Satan-worshipping cat-killing drug-addled freak, but no, I was not.)

(Also, I would like to note that I actually could do the self-hypnosis, through muscle relaxation, and thought-focusing, involving colors, fade-to-black, and it was super for relaxation. I can’t do it anymore, and Lord, I wish I could, because I am a super-stress machine now.)

4. Coin collecting
5. Photography
6. Beanie Babies (shut. up.)
7. Glass collecting (like carnival, milk, and depression)
8. Scrapbooking
9. Jewelry making
10. Sewing

(The sewing one is bad. I actually convinced the Mr. that I needed that sewing machine, like, a year ago, and I have NEVER USED IT. Not once. I still WANT to. I just don’t know where to start. Maybe curtains. I just don’t know when. 2010, maybe?)

These don’t even include the thoughts I have about things I would like to do and just never do. I will probably watch HGTV the rest of my freaking life and still never do one thing I see on that channel. Like my shadowbox, the vacation pictures that need framed, my wedding album – uh, do I even have printed copies of those pictures? Add that to my list…

It also doesn’t count the things I want to try that I haven’t yet spent money to start. Thank goodness. Like knitting, or that hanging lamp idea, or what about the embroidery?

And so it goes.

I am pathetic. There has got to be a medication for people like me.


2 responses to “I get to it when I get to it, mmm-kay?

  1. But I bet when the sun melts the snow and the wind stops nipping your ankles you will be out on your bike with the wind in your face. I call that a fabulous hobby.

  2. And I can’t wait for nice weather. This cold is killin’ me!

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