Are you supposed to dig out the fire hydrant?

It is so cold out this morning that my snozzles froze when I was walking to my office this morning.

That’s pretty cold, when it can, you know, freeze snozzles.

Yesterday, we got about a foot of snow.  I haven’t seen that much snow in one day in a long time.  Which is good.  Because I really hate snow and cold.  Yet I still live in Ohio.   Brilliant, no?

The poo-dog doesn’t like the snow so much.  Only because it is over her head, we think.  We had to dig out a little arena in the back yard for her potty business.

Also, I had a snow day yesterday.  It was not as much fun as I was expecting.  It was definitely not like school-time snow days, when all I had to do was undress to go pee as soon as I got my snow pants on and then get redressed and build forts and have snowball wars with my brother and the neighbors.

In other exciting news, I had a dream about Coach Taylor (not Kyle Chandler)  from Friday Night Lights, whom I happen to think is very smoochable.  And smooch I did, last night in my dream.  He had a GTO, which I happen to think is very cool, and clearly was enough for me, in my dream, to make me climb into it and make out with one Coach Taylor (not Kyle Chandler).   All was well, until he wanted me to leave the Mr.  I told Mr. about my infidelity this morning.  He said it would probably be OK, if he could have Mrs. Taylor (he would probably even accept Connie Britton).  I suppose that is only fair.

The littler kid gave me her cold, as she always does.  At least she knows how to share.  I am feeling better already.  Someday, I will be able to teach the germ carriers about the benefits of washing one’s hands and not eating or drinking after or before others, be they family members or friends. Of course, if I ate a leetle better, it may also help.

That is all for now.



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