7 to 14 inches by midday Wednesday

At least I don’t live in Oswego.

Activating links on a web site is really boring.

I need to get myself a little notebook in which I can write down all of the brilliant, crafty ideas that come to me while I am doing boring, mundane tasks, like activating links on a web site.

My brain is fairly incapabable of concentration by the time I get home from work, and all I do is veg out in front of the TV, and all of my brilliant, crafty ideas get lost somewhere.

Along with my motivation.

I need a hobby.

The member(s) of my household do not appreciate hobbies. Dorks have hobbies.

I am a dork.

Sometimes I wish I had my own little room for doing dorky, brilliant, crafty things. I would not avoid the dorky, brilliant, crafty things for fear of being teased, if I had my own space in which to completely dork out.

One would think that, at my age, I would not avoid doing things I would like just because someone else thinks it is silly.

One would be wrong.

If I had my own dorky, brilliant, crafty room, I would put my stereo in there. The one with the turn table.

I would listen to my records.

Yes, I said records.

I get to go to dinner tonight. For Valentine’s Day.

Which is tomorrow.

If I think about why we are going tonight instead of tomorrow, I could get angry.

I am going to drink a margarita tonight, instead.

Or two.

Watermelon or strawberry?


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