Friday Bitties

I got an email this morning. Several actually, but one was a newletter I subscribed to ages ago, Love Lines by One of the articles was “Feel Beautiful in Bed”. I clicked on the link and read the article. Under one of the points, entitled “Realistic Expectations”, was this line: “Besides, realistically, no body is free of cellulite, wrinkles, a few extra pounds or some blemish.” While I know that this newsletter was in no way sent to me simply because of what I was whining about the other day (I’m so gross! Waaaaah!), I think it was kind of good timing, no?

So that’s good, I guess. (It also mentioned Blue Balls in another article, which still makes me giggle a little. Because I’m twelve.)

It’s also good that it is Friday, because that means that I have two days off after today. How can that not be good? It is still below freezing here and snow is in the forecast and I really would rather be sitting on a beach sipping a mai tai, but, I’ll take Friday if that’s all I get.

Also, I am on a quest for blue mascara. Does anyone have any idea where to find that? Because damn, I can’t find it anywhere. Like blue mascara is weird or something and it is not in popular demand. Shuh.

I was thinking of taking a sewing class at my local JoAnn store. How dorky is that? But since I already subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens, I’m obviously already doomed to big, floppy garden hats, one-piece bathing suits and mom jeans, so why not? I have a sewing machine. I’m just afraid to use it. It’s that whole fear of failure thing, it’s really getting out of control. I’ve only ever made curtains. And that was on my mom’s sewing machine. Of course, she can sew anything. (Super Mom!) She could give me lessons, I suppose, but that may just be a leetle too much one-one-one…

So, it’s either that, or the Interior Design class I saw at the career center. Because Mr. would just LOVE if I did that and came up with even more things that MUST BE CHANGED in our house. Like white cabinets instead of brown. (“White? No.”) Or, chandeliers in the bedroom? Why not? How cool would that be? I saw it in my magazine. I hate that ugly ceiling fan.

Maybe I will take both. It’s something to do.

Oh, and Anna Nicole? I’m thinking suicide…


One response to “Friday Bitties

  1. Blue mascara? hum. I don’t think I’ve seen any, but I’ll look. I think I saw some back in the 70’s.
    Blue Balls? same as above.
    Anna Nicole? Yep, probably, or just plain old dumb overdose.

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