Things what I want, Mr. Santa…

I like to make Christmas lists. I have been making Christmas lists since I was old enough to write. So for a little bit, I’m going to pretend I’m a kid again, and make a list of all the things I would want this year if Santa were to visit my house. But I don’t have a chimney, and we all know what happens if you don’t have a chimney. He just flies right over.

(Seriously? My parents had a fireplace they never used. One year, when I was younger, my dad said he was going to remove the fireplace, and drywall the hole closed. He wasn’t going to remove the chimney, but it obviously wouldn’t be functional anymore. I was all, “hell no, dad! How will Santa get in?” Of course, he hadn’t thought about that. The fireplace stayed until I was a teenager, and my younger brother was old enough to know that Santa was just ploy to get him to be good for my mother.)

So here’s my list of things what I want. And I don’t care if I’m being childish. It’s Christmastime y’all. Let the inner-kids out to play for a bit.

1. Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine Subscription

Well, OK, what I really want is to get a real good tan with my feet in the sand (thank you, Kenny Chesney, best Christmas song evah). But I can’t go, so the next best thing would be to have a magazine to remind me how pretty it is there, and to give myself something to work for.

2. Way Cool Tights

I like just about everything on this site (thanks, ESC, it’s all your fault), but the tie-dye might be my favorite right now. Or, maybe the footless ones are my favorite. And I do like the arm-warmers, but where would I wear them?

3. Wall Clock

Hey, it goes with my old map/world style theme I have going on in my living room. Which is cooler than it sounds. I think.

4. Puggie Life Preserver

OK, this one isn’t really for me, but we live by a lake, and I learned the hard way that, try as they may, poogs can’t swim. They have no noses to stick out of the water. Why do you think a pug is modeling this one? Because of its fabulous physique?

5. Funderpants

You just can’t be sad if you have funderpants on!

6. An apron.

For cooking. Because sometimes I do that. And wiping my hands on my pants or splattering grease on my shirt makes for extra laundry time and that cuts into my drinking time. (Kidding! I kid!) Actually I would like a gift card so I could buy fabric and make one using my brand new sewing machine that I’ve had for a while and haven’t used yet. And then I could make some curtains. And some other stuff I see on HGTV that I know, deep down in my heart, I am not even close to domestic enough to really pull off, but hey, a girl has to have dreams, right? Shut up.

There’s more, maybe I’ll add them later. But right now I have to go do grown-up things so I can pay my grown-up bills. Joy.


2 responses to “Things what I want, Mr. Santa…

  1. why should I be the only one obsessing over funky tights and socks?

    I do what I can.

  2. And for this, I am thankful. 🙂

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