My best good friend, Big M, the one who gave me away at our white-trash biker wedding (shut up, I checked, I was already given away once, and technically, since my first waste-of-oxygen husband left, I could pretty much have anyone I wanted give me away, because I was mine, or something…), he is getting divorced. He is sad. And he is such a nice guy. The divorce is her idea, out of his control. I just feel badly for him, because divorce sucks. No matter if you are the divorcee or divorcer, it just sucks.

And now Tammy Wynette’s D-I-V-O-R-C-E is stuck in my head.


I have had approximately two heart attacks at work in the last two weeks.

Today, the cause was RAID Set – Degraded Hard Drive = All of our data has gone buh-bye.

It has since been recovered, but I have not. This place will be the death of me.


Chinese for dinner tonight. Yay! In the fun little take out boxes with the little handles. I love those. I am weird. It’s funny though, whenever we get Chinese takeout, I pretend I live in New York in a fancy apartment and sit in the living room at the coffee table and eat (wait, we don’t have the coffee table anymore, now what?), like I’m one of the girls in Sex in the City. Even though I hardly ever watched that show. I think I need to get out more. Cereal.


What kind of wine should one drink with Chinese?

I just discovered the joy of wine. Last one on that bus, I know. But I know nothing about it. Except that red wine I had (Shiraz?), it is not so good with the chicken. Because I should have had white? I think?


You will choke on your pizza, when eating dinner with the fam-damily, and your mother announces, “I found the coolest blog the other day.”

Because she should not know what they are, and hopefully, I am anonymous enough that she will never find mine and figure out it’s mine..


2 responses to “Randomness…

  1. A lot of people drink red wine with everything, but they change up the grape depending on what they’re eating. Pinot noir tends to be lighter so it’s often good with fish or chicken. I like a good cabernet with pasta. Just try different things and figure out what you like. The basic rule (that I don’t even follow): red with red meat and pasta, white with chicken or fish.

    When I do drink white (rarely), I usually go with a sancerre, but it tends to be more expensive. Pinot grigio is generally safe and most people like chardonnay (I hate it).

    Good luck!

  2. Well hey, thanks sloth! I haven’t even heard of sancerre.

    Experiment I will!

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