Just a quick bit of crap…

I am better today, muches, for those concerned. I have actually been better since last week, but also busy. I had some drinks with friends on Friday and was then roughly molested by the Mr., which always makes for a dramatic adjustment of negative attitude I am prone too. So that is good.

In other news, I am now an aunt. This is a first for me. I held the new beh-beh, and didn’t even drop her, so things are going smashingly. Ha! Kidding! Well, no, I mean I didn’t really drop her, but you know, that was always a big fear of mine, and I did not, so that is good. All that is left is avoiding the dirty diapers whilst in her presence, and I am golden. I shall be the coolest aunt evah, what with all the spoiling, and “oh no, don’t worry about what mommy says, you can have six cookies right before we eat. Just don’t tell.”, and giving her rides on the Harley, and well, ok maybe not, but shit man this is pretty cool, and the Mr. looked so big and strong and sweet holding the little thing, and NO don’t worry I don’t want one (cereal – no way), but it is still very much awesome and I really can’t believe my little brother has a baby, because, you know, he’s my little brother (hello!) and isn’t he still seven or something?

Sorry for that, the thought processes in my head have been like that for a while now. I thought perhaps it would help if I let some of it out.

So cheers. And here’s to new beh-behs that look just like their only blood-aunt.

Honest. I can see it.


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