You and I? We aren’t the same. Not even close.

Convo had with another person, a white collar person, who is decidedly much better off than I but I still don’t think I’d trade…

That person: “I’m going to go over my mileage on my lease. That’s going to hurt my wallet.”

Moi: (Rolling my eyes at that statement as I notice her new Coach purse.) “I’ve never turned in a lease. I kept mine.”

That person: “How does that work with scheduled maintenance?”

Moi: “We do it ourselves.”

That person: “…”

That person: “You know (some guy)? He drives like 30,000 miles a year.”

Moi: “Yeah, Mr. probaby drives that, if not more.”

That person: “Really? Is he in sales?”

Moi: (stifling laughter brought on by picturing Mr. in a suit and tie working in “sales”.) “Um. No. Construction.”

That person: “Well, where does he go? All over?”

Moi: “Where ever they need a new road.”

That person: “Well, what happens if he breaks down?”

Moi: (thinking, “is she for real?”). “I guess he would get a tow and then fix it.”

That person: “You can do that?”

Moi: (Yes as far as I know, only Lexus comes and gets your vehicle for you and fixes it then brings it back. We’re talking a seven year old Dodge here, honey.) “Well, he just put in a new rear differential speed sensor because his speedo quit working. So yeah we fix it. If not, my brother is a mechanic.”

That person: “A rear…I don’t even know what that is.”

Moi: “Really…”


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