I don’t really have a title today…

We made it to Indy and back, all safe and sound, the only issues being that my behind can only stand being on that seat for about 70 miles at a time, and that it is not possible to make a motorcycle trip out of state without it raining. Fortunately, both times the rain started we were near a bridge and a new, empty nursing home with an overhang, respectively, and were able to hide out underneath until the rain subsided. Because riding, for me and the others involved, is not an endurance test, and when it rains and/or pours, we stop. Wet boots and jeans and socks get uncomfortable.

Sunday Sunday Sunday was HOT HOT HOT. Grandstands + August + Sun + Very Little Breeze = Mr. buying me one of those neck wrap thingies that you put in cold water for a half hour and then on your neck and say “aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”. That is the only thing that saved me from passing out and rolling down the stands. I am the world’s biggest whiny-butt when it comes to direct sunlight and heat. I do not handle it well. Mr. is always fine, and therefore does not understand why I always have such problems with heat. But the neck wrap thingy allowed me to endure the entire race. And maybe the jack and diets helped too.

In other news, we have celebrated our one-year anniversary (woot!). It went really fast. Last year at this time, we were in Sturgis, most likely on the Jack Daniels bar, since our bike wouldn’t start. (Jack seems to be a recurring theme here, does it not?) Not having a bike in Sturgis is like not, well, I’m not very good at analogies, so let’s just say it sucks sackage. It was still fun, however, even though we had to use our friend’s truck if we wanted to leave the campground, and I really wish now we would have (could have) gone back this year.

Maybe next year. Of course, I’d also like to go back to the Caribbean, so I either need to start selling my body or make a choice here. Heh.

Anyway, I guess that’s all my little brain can muster up right now.



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