You idiot!

I realize that it is Friday, and therefore my brain is slightly glazed because you can really only get like four good work days out of me and that is it, and I am on overtime, so technically the fourth day ended sometime yesterday afternoon before five, but still…

Does it seem a little ironic to anyone, that I was trying to use the word “imbecile” in an email to describe someone who sent me the message “My computer is all screwed up now to. Help!” because HELLO I need a FEW more details than that OK? But I didn’t know how to spell “imbecile” so I had to google it letter by letter until I figured it out.







And then I thought, “Oh hell. I can’t very well use a word that means someone is a moron when I don’t even know how to spell that damn word.”

And it is not yet even noon.

And so it goes.


One response to “You idiot!

  1. chances are the imbecile would not know what you meant anyway. I would go with the universal IDIOT. That should do it.

    Oh, and I only knew how to spell it without looking it up because you wrote it above.

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