Is my leg going to fall off?

So I was reading about the hobo spider on a website that was linked to on this site. I had just clicked on the link for the yellow sac spider
(heh, I said “sac”) and holy shit my pants if I didn’t feel something bit me on my leg right then and there.

Given that I have an extremely unnatural fear of all things spider, I jerked my leg up, not thinking about the fact that I was totally sitting at my desk and have about 6 inches in which to move my leg, and the velocity with which I jerked thrust my knee into the underside of my desk, and now, I’m sure, I will have a bruise the size of a baseball on said knee by the end of the evening.

I hate things with too many legs.

Oh, and nothing bit me by the way. I always get ghosts like that when I think about stuff that can and will and maybe even can’t but looks like it can bite. Like lice. Head lice.


Now tell me your head don’t itch…


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