Who me? I’m fine. No problem.

I hate when you can feel a cold coming on. You know it’s going to hit and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. You can pretend it’s your allergies, but you know it’s not. Yesterday afternoon I got the telltale tickle in my throat. Of course, this has to happen three days before Drunk and Naked Bikerfest. I am kicking myself for turning down the Airborne offered by a coworker last week after reports that a cold was making its rounds in the office. I am determined though. I will beat this. I have taken Zinc, and did finally borrow an Airborne (I guess borrow isn’t really the correct word, I’m not giving it back when I’m done with it), and I am now drinking green tea. Orange spice with honey. Can I just say that, no matter how delicious that sounds, it is, indeed, NOT delicious. It tastes like tea. With some orange, and spice and I guess some honey. But it takes like warm tea. And I do not like tea. At all. And it looks like pee. It smells better than it tastes. And now it is cooling off, but they say it helps, so I am drinking it. And actually, my throat doesn’t feel so bad now. But there is a lot of pressure in my head now. Not sure if this is due to the cold in my head, or the fact that I have had coffee (caffeine!), excedrin (more caffeine!!) and tea (that has caffeine! I think?). And now I want to take some cold medicine, but that has pseudoephedrine in it, which is known, at least in past experiences, to not play well with caffeine when they are both in my body. So, if I end up having heart attack today, at least you will know why.

Here’s to good health…


2 responses to “Who me? I’m fine. No problem.

  1. do i know you? did i link to your old blog? should i link to this one? is this too many questions? how big are your boobs?

  2. No. No. If you want. No. A cup.

    Sorry if that is disappointing. I found you today. I can’t remember how. But I liked it so I linked, hope that is ok.

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