Casual Observations and Contemplations

I should never buy yogurt again. I don’t eat it. No matter how good my intentions are. Even that Activia stuff that’s supposed to make your poo regular. I wonder what happens to your poo if you eat it seven days after the expiration date.

I should not reveal anything that is even remotely personal to any member of my family. Case in point: Brother and SIL were at my house for their five dollar haircuts. I inform my brother and sister-in-law that we still do not have air conditioning in our house. Immediately after revealing this information, I realized I had been baited. Brother had mentioned something about how our doors shut nicely, after closing the bathroom door. Seems theirs swell in the humidity, and only close properly when the A/C is on. Admittedly, before they left, SIL muttered something about “not having a life” when I said that plans had changed for a family cookout based on our schedule, and I jokingly said “because, you know, everything revolves around us.” I didn’t realize however, that my not having A/C was cause for a family discussion and the onslaught of motherly “advice” to my inbox. Also, I quit doing hair professionally eight years ago, and really don’t want to do it anymore, at all, for anyone. I simply cannot find the courage to say “Hey, I don’t want your five bucks anymore for cutting your hair so you can needle me for information and run back home to tell Mom so she can send me more emails with links. Thanks, but no thanks.”

This weekend is the (not-so) famous Kami*kaze jump. Nudity and drunkeness will abound. Must charge the camera batteries…

Sometimes when I go into the bank to pay on my vehicle, I just slide the paper and my check across the desk and mumble “lease payment.” I wonder if, when I’m sliding the paper across, before I say anything, if the teller ever thinks “I wonder if this is a hold up note?” I guess I don’t look much like a bank robber, but these days, you never know.

That is all for now.


One response to “Casual Observations and Contemplations

  1. Talk on your cell phone as you slide the payment across the bankers’ desk and see yourself on the surveillance camera 🙂

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